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Where Do The Cougars Go From Here? BYU should start Taysom Hill

Dallin Hatch

Sports Anxiety


Even before the BYU team bus began warming up, media members and “fans” began a witch hunt to hold someone accountable for the Cougar’s loss to Boise State.

Unlike most, I’m not mad about the loss. Did Bronco, Doman and Riley make bad decisions? Yes. Could BYU have won that game? Maybe. Should they have won that game? Probably. But none of that matters anymore. All that matters now is where the Cougars go from here.

BYU’s goals for this season must change completely. With only one loss going into the Boise State game, there was still an infinitesimally small sliver of hope that BYU might make a BCS game if they could win out against a solid schedule.

But now, a BCS game isn’t an option, and honest fans knew it never was. BYU’s bowl destination was set in stone the moment Bronco decided to make Riley the unquestioned starter. He is both BYU’s greatest asset and its greatest liability. You know what you get when you mix cold and hot water? A bad taste in your mouth.

So, what is BYU’s mission for the rest of the season? Is it a quest to reach 10 wins, a mission to save face? In my mind, there is only one option: forget protecting your 2012 record and focus on developing your quarterback of the future. Bronco must start Taysom Hill.

Before some of you jump all over me in the comments section, let me explain why Taysom must play. Let’s say BYU starts Riley, and the Cougars win out (which probably wouldn’t happen even if Riley were healthy). With wins against Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Utah State and Oregon State, BYU would still be bound for the Poinsettia Bowl because of their two early-season losses. Let’s say Bronco starts Taysom, and BYU only gets wins against Hawaii, Idaho, San Jose State and New Mexico State, the Cougars are still bound for San Diego.

No matter who the Cougars start, the resulting postseason destination is the same. However, if Bronco goes with the second option, BYU will have had a chance to prepare a freshman quarterback for what is sure to be a grueling 2013 season.

BYU needs to reboot its offense if they hope to keep pace with their schedule next year. Currently, the Cougars have scheduled home games against Utah, Boise State, Georgia Tech and Texas. The road schedule is even more challenging, with games scheduled at Utah State, Washington State, Houston, Hawaii, Notre Dame and Wisconsin.

Bring something equivalent to this current offense in 2013 and at best BYU will go 4-6 against those teams, especially when you factor in who the Cougars will lose on defense. Don’t expect goal-line stands next year when Uona Kaveinga, Romney Fuga, Eathyn Manumaleuna, Brandon Ogletree, Preston Hadley, Joe Sampson and quite possibly Kyle Van Noy aren’t there to bring the pain train.

So, why not start Taysom and fix our offense now? Heck, a QB change could be the best thing to happen to BYU this season. Just ask Ute fans.


Dallin Hatch | @dallinhatch

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